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Welcome to Weed Monster, where we blend expertise with local knowledge to deliver unparalleled lawn care services. Our team, led by the owner, ensures your lawn not only thrives but becomes the envy of the neighborhood. From weed control to fertilization, we've got your lawn covered.

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Expert Weed Control for a Pristine Lawn

When it comes to weed removal service, look no further than Weed Monster. Our tailored approach includes treatments every 4-6 weeks, targeting common grass types like Fescue, Bermuda, and Zoysia. With our expert team, expect a weed-free yard year-round, enhancing your home’s appeal and health.

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Professional Fertilization for Vibrant Lawns

Our lawn fertilizer service is designed to nourish your lawn throughout the year. We carefully select fertilizers based on your lawn’s specific needs, following a strategic application schedule. Trust us to keep your lawn lush and healthy, no matter the season.


Comprehensive Grub Control for Healthy Lawns

Prevent grub damage with our insect control services. At Weed Monster, we specialize in proactive measures, ensuring grubs never become a problem. With our expertise, your lawn stays healthy, avoiding the long-term damage grubs can cause.

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Advanced Lawn Aeration for Optimal Growth

Our lawn aeration service is a game-changer for your lawn’s health. We tackle compacted soil, ensuring nutrients reach the roots. Experience improved fertilizer effectiveness and stronger root development with our professional aeration services.

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Comprehensive Plant Bed Management

Opt for our plant bed management services for impeccable management of your landscape. Our approach ensures your plant beds remain vibrant and weed-free, enhancing the overall health of your landscape. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your plant bed thrives year-round, adding significant value to your property.

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Experience Unmatched Lawn Care With Us

Reliable Lawn Care Services in Roswell, GA and Surrounding Areas

Locally owned and operated with over 10 years of experience

Located in Roswell, GA, Weed Monster has been setting the standard for lawn care since 2013. Our unique approach, combining personal service with professional expertise, sets us apart. As a licensed and insured company, our commitment to quality is unmatched. Our owner’s involvement in every project ensures attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Our services, including weed control, lawn fertilization, yard maintenance, lawn aeration service, and insect control, are tailored to the specific needs of residential and commercial properties. Choose Weed Monster for a lawn that not only looks great but is healthy and sustainable.

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Jermaine Cobb

We had Damian come out with weed monster, we were amazed by the results we got only in three weeks just as promised. Looking forward to next season we really appreciate all the hard work you do for us!

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Ike Faulkenberry

Damien and Weed Monster truly care about the appearance of your property. They are constantly looking for new ways to achieve the best results and give you a lawn you can be proud of.

Google Reviews


Valerie Daniel

Cutter Up & Weed Monster did a good job keeping my yard clean & mowed weekly.

Google Reviews


Jenny Myrick

Damian is awesome and makes our yard look amazing.

Google Reviews


Matt Osterhaudt

Been less then a year and have totally transformed our yard…just as promised.

Google Reviews


Mike Boyle

We bought here in July 2022. It didn’t take 30 days to realize how poor the weed service we inherited. After a 30 minute inspection Damian gave off a plan to get back on track. Don’t have any before pictures but… please view the results. He answers or inquires and concerns!

Google Reviews


Michael Millican

Very attentive to detail. Yard looks better and better year by year.

Google Reviews


Funk meow

My yard is literally the best it’s ever been, I love this service 🙌

Google Reviews


Anthony Young

Damian and his team did an amazing job. I could not be happier. I highly recommend them to anyone with a yard. Their prices are fair and the service is excellent! Thanks Team!

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Robert Haynes

I was very pleased with the service Damian and his team provided. They kept our yard looking great year round.

Google Reviews


Glendon Bell

After going from one “established” company to another over the past 4 years and being very open to all suggested products….I still had weeds throughout the year. I’m beyond happy with Weed Monster. The first visit they treated the lawn and told me it would take 3 weeks to kill most of the weeds…they actually followed up and made sure the lawn responded to the treatment. Highly recommended if you care about your lawn’s health and appearance but too busy to stay on top of feeding your lawn.

Google Reviews


Tom Bafas

Damian and his team are excellent! Always reliable and does the job quickly and throughly I highly recommend him and his company for all of your weed control and lawn care needs.

Google Reviews


Alfredo Barquin

I’ve had Weed Monster help with my weed and feed for over a year and the results have been impressive. Previously I had another company and they clearly weren’t on top of treatments and I lost a good chunk of my front lawn to weeds and bugs. I highly recommend Damien and his team. They take pride in their results.

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